What is P1 Premium Training?

P1 Premium training is motorsports fitness taken to the next level. P1 Premium programs are 100% custom built and monitored by the highly skilled P1 Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Each Premium program begins with a consultation; via phone, videoconference or in person. Athletes have the ongoing ability to communicate with their trainer for support and questions. (P1 Premium Training can include professional nutrition programs, supplementation and/or consultation upon request).

Why choose P1 Premium Training?

P1 Premium Training is for those looking for ultimate results with a 100% custom program with extra guidance and support. Premium training programs are also recommended for individuals recovering from or have injuries looking to get into peak physical condition. P1 Strength and Conditioning Coaches can manipulate programs and adjust based on needs, injuries, off season / pre season / in season or for a specific event that requires unique demands. P1 Premium custom programs will achieve higher success rates through; assessing, monitoring, and goal setting.

What is included in P1 Premium Training?

1) Initial Consultation
P1 staff will be in contact with you to setup your initial consultation with a P1 Strength and Conditioning Coach. Your first consult with a P1 Coach is completed over the phone, via a videoconference (skype) or in person at P1 headquarters. Key information is collected during the initial consultation; strengths, weaknesses, goals, injuries, key race dates and much more.

2) First Program
Based on your discussion with the P1 Coach your first program will be developed and setup online with a P1 Premium Training Account. Each program will last 4 weeks unless there is a specific date or circumstance that needs to be addressed.

3) Monitoring & Support
Your P1 Coach will monitor your progress and be available to you for support via email or phone. Daily, weekly and monthly monitoring will be done by your P1 Coach for entered weights, times and progress on your workouts. Your P1 Coach will be there to help you through the entire process to ensure you achieve maximum results.

4) New Programs
After your first program (4 weeks) is complete you will automatically have a new program custom built for you by your P1 Coach. Each new custom program is based on the previous months results, overall goals and constant contact with your P1 Coach.

If in the vicinity of P1 training facility invitations will be open to Premium Training members for special training events and they are eligible for promotions on supplements, equipment and apparel.

Cost of P1 Premium Training

P1 Premium Training $99/month.

Sign up for Pl Premium Training, Or Speak to a P1 representative

Email info@p1-fitness.com to have a P1 representative contact you to answer questions or setup a consultation to begin your premium program.